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Pokemon Go players unable to exploit sunny weekend as servers go down

20 Luglio 2016, 05:41 | Alessandra Ragonese

Pokemon Go players unable to exploit sunny weekend as servers go down

Pinsir a Pokemon is found by a group of Pokemon Go players at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. The

The number of pedestrians walking into trees and concerns over cybersecurity.

Nintendo is now working on a wearable device that will use lights and vibration to keep players abreast of what's happening in the Pokemon world while the phone stays mostly their pocket, which should improve things dramatically in this regard, assuming Pokemon GO is still a thing in a month or two. Once you locate a Pokemon you can walk up on them and they will appear on your phone's camera. Others have been injured chasing the imaginary characters on their smartphones, without paying attention to their real-life surroundings.

Pokemon GO is still go go going across the world. It's more easier if you have a rooted or jailbroken device at hand. It officially entered phenomenon status earlier this week, as countless players explored landmarks and other spots across the search of the "pocket monsters".

Flight attendants Correa and Sergio Pimentel are new to the area. On the bright side, they finally found a way to get people to attend the Rio Olympics. Gamers are on bikes, jogging and enjoying a sunny day.

Some users, however, may still be tempted to download knock-offs of Pokemon Go. Black teens are at risk of being shot by mere playing the game.

She also admitted she probably never would have gone to that place if it weren't for the game. However, that doesn't mean people elsewhere can't play it yet.

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L'inizio Pizza Bar in Long Island City in NY claims its sales jumped 75% over the weekend by activating a "lure module" feature that attracts virtual Pokemon characters to the store, thereby tempting in nearby players. "If five per cent of players actually pay (the same as Candy Crush) and they spend US$100 each, Nintendo's share price jump only makes sense if the app is downloaded by every second person on planet Earth".

"Well we go in a group", said Correa.

"There's safety in numbers", Pimentel chimed in. The store's manager spent US$10 to have a dozen Pokemon characters placed in the location, according to a report in the New York Post.

There's also the matter of the location-based app tracking users' whereabouts and a lot more.

Still, since "Pokemon Go" is based on USA company Niantic Labs' "Ingress" game, it made sense for the game to launch overseas first, says Tokuriki, who has a popular blog about technology. Both apps require the user to "verify his account".

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